Mechanism of resistance in SCLC defined by pyroptotic-to-apoptotic switch

N. Peltzer and her team will investigate the implication of the plasticity between cell death programs determined by Gasdermin E (GsdmE) in tumor development, resistance to therapy and YAP-mediated transcriptional program in SCLC. This is based on their observation that GSDME is downregulated in human tumors, compared to normal human lung and that there is a switch in cell death sensitivity of SCLC cells lacking GsdmE upon chemotherapy. They are currently waiting for tumor development in RP mice lacking GsdmE. Because of the importance of cell death modalities in inflammation, they will study the role of GsdmE in tumor microenvironment and will seek to determine whether GsdmE impacts sensitivity to chemotherapy in vivo. Last, due to the strong found correlation between GsdmE and YAP1 expression, they will explore the functional link between them.

Principal Investigator

Ph.D. M. Nieves Peltzer SFB1399
Ph.D. M. Nieves Peltzer

Junior Research Group Leader

University of Cologne

Department of Translational Genomics

Associated to CMMC and CECAD

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