A06 – terminated

CDK9 inhibition for the treatment of drug resistance in SCLC

In A06, N. Peltzer will investigate the therapeutic efficacy of inhibiting CDK9 as a strategy to break resistance to chemotherapy and to improve efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibition (ICI) in SCLC. She will also decipher the mechanisms of CDK9 inhibition (CDK9i)-mediated therapeutic effects. Since the therapeutic efficacy of CDK9i in NSCLC was previously shown to be due to inhibition of negative regulators of cell death, she will define whether the efficacy of CDK9i in SCLC, and occurrence of resistance to chemotherapy, depends on the expression of cell death components. Finally, having unraveled the mechanistic insights of Dinaciclib treatment, N. Peltzer will assess the therapeutic efficacy and synergism between Dinaciclib treatment with sensitization to immunogenic cell death with or without ICI. 

Principal Investigator

Ph.D. M. Nieves Peltzer SFB1399
Ph.D. M. Nieves Peltzer

Junior Research Group Leader

University of Cologne

Department of Translational Genomics

Associated to CMMC and CECAD

Curriculum Vitae (CV)