Ph.D. Nieves Peltzer

Academic education

2007 - 2012: PhD in Life Science, University of Lausanne, Switzerland.
2005 - 2007: Master thesis (Research traineeship), University of La Plata, Argentina. Research areas: Plant biology; Microbiology; Molecular biology
2000 - 2006: Degree in “Biotechnology” at the University of Quilmes (UNQUI). Buenos Aires. Argentina. Specialisation: Molecular biology / Genetic engineering

Scientific career

2012 - 09/2019: Post-doctoral fellow at UCL Cancer Institute, London, UK
2007 - 2012: PhD student at the Physiology Department, University of Lausanne; Switzerlans
02/2007 - 08/2007: Internship at Institut Nationale de la Recherch Agronomique (INRA), Toulouse, France
2005 - 2007: Intern and master student at Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Institute La Plata University, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Honors/ Awards/ Memberships

2015 - 2016: Advanced Mobility Postdoc Fellowship awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (P300P3_158509)
2013 - 2015: Early Mobility Postdoc Fellowship awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (P2LAP3_148447)
02/2007 - 08/2007: ECOS-Sud fellowship. Financing Franco-Argentine projects

10 most relevant publications

  • Taraborrelli, L., Peltzer, N. (co-first author), Montinaro, A., Kupka, S., Rieser, E., Hartwig, T., Sarr, A., Darding, D., Draber, P., Haas, T.L., Akarca, A., Marafioti, T., Pasparakis, M., Bertin, J., Gough, P.J., Bouillet, P., Strasser, A., Leverkus, M., Silke, S., Walczak, H. LUBAC prevents lethal dermatitis by combined inhibition of TNF-, TRAIL- and CD95L-mediated cell death. Nature Communications9:3910, 2018
  • Peltzer, N., Darding, M., Montinaro, A., Draber, P., Draberova, H., Kupka, S., Rieser, E., Fisher, A., Hutchinson, C., Taraborrelli, L., Hartwig, t., Lafont, E., Haas, T.L., Shimizu, Y., Böiers, C., Sarr, A., Rickard, J., Alvarez-Diaz, S., Ashworth, M.T., Beal, A., Enver, T., Bertin, J., Kaiser, W., Strasser, A., Silke, J., Bouillet, P., Walczak, H.  LUBAC is essential for embryogenesis by preventing cell death and enabling haematopoiesis. Nature 557: 112–117, 2018.
  • Peltzer N, Darding M, Walczak H. Holding RIPK1 on the Ubiquitin Leash in TNFR1 Signaling. Trends Cell Biol 26(6):445-61, 2016
  • Rickard, JA., Anderton, H., Etemadi, N., Nachbur, U., Darding, M., Peltzer, N., Lalaoui, N., Lawlor, KE., Vanyai, H., Hall, C., Bankovacki, A., Gangoda, L., Wei-Lynn Wong, W., Corbin, J., Huang, C., Mocarski, ES., Murphy, JM., Alexander, WS., Voss, AK., Vaux, DL., Kaiser, WJ., Walczak, H., Silke, J. TNFR1-dependent cell death drives inflammation in Sharpin-deficient mice. Elife 2;3, 2014
  • Shimizu, Y., Peltzer, N., Sevko, A., Lafont, E., Sarr, A., Draberova, H., Walczak, H. The linear ubiquitin chain assembly complex acts as a liver tumour suppressor and inhibits hepatocyte apoptosis and hepatitis. Hepatology 65(6): 1963-1978, 2017
  • Peltzer, N., Rieser, E., Taraborrelli, L., Draber, P., Darding, M., Pernaute, B., Shimizu, Y., Daboh, A., Draberova, H., Montinaro, A., Martinez-Barbera, J.P., Silke, J., Rodriguez, T.A. and Walczak, H. HOIP deficiency caused embryonic lethality by aberrant TNFR1-mediated endothelial cell death. Cell Reports 9: 153-165, 2014
  • Peltzer, N., Vanli G., Yang, JY., Widmann, CRole of mTOR, Bad and Survivin in RasGAP fragment N-mediated cell protection. Plos One 27;8(6):e68123. 2013 
  • Khalil, H., Peltzer, N. (co-first author), Walicki, J., Yang, JY., Dubuis, G., Gardiol, N., Held, W., Bigliardi, P., Marsland, B., Liaudet, L. and Widmann, C. Caspase-3 protects stressed organs against cell death. Molecular and Cellular Biology 32(22):4523-33, 2012
  • Peltzer, N., Bigliardi, P., Widmann, C. UV-B induces cytoplasmic survivin expression in mouse epidermis. Journal of Dermatological Science 67(3):196-9, 2012.
  • Peltzer, N., Roques, N., Poinsot, V., Aguilar, OM., Batut, J., Capela, D. Auxotrophy accounts for nodulation defect of most Sinorhizobium meliloti mutants in the branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis pathway. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions21(9):1232-41, 2008


  • “A method for treating diseases by combined inhibition of TNF superfamily members and/or cell death signalling pathways (such as inflammation and inflammation-associated diseases including auto-immune diseases, neuro-inflammatory diseases, neuro-degenerative diseases, ischaemic diseases, sepsis, and cancer)” UCL Business PLC; Filed: 22/01/18, Inventors: Henning Walczak, Lucia Taraborrelli and Nieves Peltzer

Contact Information

Ph.D. M. Nieves Peltzer SFB1399
Ph.D. M. Nieves Peltzer

Junior Research Group Leader

University of Cologne

Department of Translational Genomics

Associated to CMMC and CECAD

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