Career Support

We have conceived a program to offer individualized and career stage-adapted support for all members of the SFB1399 ranging from students and postdocs to principal investigators.

  • Career development and skills enhancement courses
    The SFB1399 provides workshops to develop assertive and self-confident communication strategies as well as Laboratory Leadership courses for female group leaders.
  • Individual career coaching
    The SFB1399 offers together with the Department for Academic Staff Development of the University of Cologne a diverse portfolio of mentoring programs for female scientists at different career levels.
  • Fellowships for Maternity leaves
    To support women facing maternity we provide fellowships to get an assistance for the everyday lab routines.
  • Childcare assistance
    We also encourage young mothers to re-enter the science field by helping them in finding appropriate child care facilities.
  • Family Support fellowships
    The SFB1399 aims at mitigating the Corona-induced damage in the working progress of research projects. PIs, PhD students and postdocs who have been affected by an acute, special family stress situation, e.g. due to closed or only partially opened schools, day-care facilities or other regular care facilities, can apply for a “Family support”.

The SFB1399 encourages women scientists to participate in the various courses and workshops organized by the University of Cologne and covers costs for seminars and coaching.

Female Career Centre (FCC)

The Female Career Centre of the University of Cologne provides regular training courses, such as networking, presentation, interview technique, project management, leadership skills etc. aimed at female students, graduate students as well as academic staff.

Cornelia Harte Mentoring (CHM)

The Cornelia Harte Mentoring-Program combine one-on-one mentoring with general skills training and networking and are tailored to different target groups. The main objectives of these programs are the dissemination of life and work experience and the setting up of networks between mentors and mentees.

IFS Mentoring Program

The IFS Mentoring Program is designed especially for female academics from abroad. This program matches PhD students and postdoctoral fellows with experienced professors in one-on-one mentoring relationships. The program is accompanied by a variety of workshops and individual coaching sessions. The framework program as well as the one-on-one mentoring takes place in English.

Management Program for female professors and (young) female executives

The management program consist of seminars on leadership, time management, delegation, professional appearance, communication and conflict management. Significant components of this development process are the technical guidance from experienced trainers, intensive group work and feedback sessions as well as the personal and professional exchange among the participants.