The KidsBox - the mobile parent-child room

The day care center is closed unexpectedly, the Nanny is sick, and grandma and grandpa are on the road. Many parents know this situation. Then the question arises: Who will look after the child while you have to deal with urgent professional tasks yourself? One solution could be to take the child to work as an exception. 

SFB1399 aims to create a family friendly work environment and therefor is expanding its range of support for flexible childcare with the KidsBox.

The so-called KidsBox is a cupboard that - as soon as it is opened - offers everything that parents need when a short-term care bottleneck and an important professional task make it necessary to take the child to the office. 

How does the KidsBox work?

The KidsBox is equipped for babies and children up to primary school age. While your child is temporarily cared for and kept busy, you can do important work.

In addition, only individual components such as play boxes or play mat can be borrowed for meetings or events with additional childcare, among other things. The respective play box is equipped according to age and needs.

The KidsBox contains:

  • a travel bed that can also be used as a playpen
  • a folding mattress and sleeping mat for crawling and playing on the floor
  • a press fit for docking to your own desk
  • Stool and table for slightly older children
  • various toys and painting items
  • a changing mat
  • Books and much more that is useful for smaller children.

All surfaces, doors, handles and shelves are washable. The KidsBox is equipped with disinfectants for both surfaces and hands as well as first aid equipment.

The dimensions are 120 x 105 x 66 cm (weight approx..85 kg). The KidsBox has wheels and can be easily transported to the place of use. If you no longer need the KidsBox, it must be returned to the pick-up location. The KidsBox can be completely locked. Further information on usage is stored in the KidsBox.

To borrow, please contact the coordination office of the SFB1399
Email: info[at]

Please also note the Terms of use!