B03 – terminated

Mutations in epigenetic modifiers and their impact on tumorigenesis and drug response in SCLC

In B03, M. Schweiger will dissect epigenetic means of SCLC development and drug response. The main focus will be on frequent mutations in chromatin modifiers, where cell lines and mouse models will be used for proteomic analyses and to dissect the effect on post-translational histone modifications. Based on previous data, the heat stress response will be utilized as surrogate for proteotoxic stress and model for evaluation of the therapeutic effect. B03 will collaborate closely with B04 for chemical compounds targeting mutated chromatin modifiers and to set up a chemical drug screen to optimize epigenetic drugs. Results will be transferred to human tissue samples and mouse models of SCLC will be employed to evaluate resulting new treatment options. 

Principal Investigator

Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Michal R. Schweiger SFB1399
Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Michal R. Schweiger

Lichtenberg Professor (W3)

University of Cologne

Epigenetics and Tumor Genetics

Curriculum Vitae (CV)