Clonal evolution of SCLC

In B02, M. Peifer will generate a comprehensive portrait of the clonal evolution of SCLC. To this end, high-coverage genomic sequencing data, as well as single cell DNA sequencing data will be analyzed to determine: 1) the influence of the cell of origin on the evolution of SCLC and in comparison to other lung cancer subtypes, 2) establishing a temporal order of point mutations and copy number changes, and 3) reconstructing exact evolutionary trajectories under treatment. This project will be essential to determine the drug-naïve evolution of SCLC and how the evolutionary dynamics are altered under treatment. Differences under treatment pressure may help to identify possible resistance mechanisms. 

Principal Investigator

Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Peifer SFB1399
Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Peifer

Mildred-Scheel Professor on Computational Cancer Genomics (W2)

University of Cologne

Department of Translational Genomics and Center for Molecular Medicine (CMMC) 

Curriculum Vitae (CV)