Targeting key drivers in SCLC for the development of new therapeutic concepts

S. Knapp and his team will continue providing chemical probes to interrogate critical pathways of SCLC tumorigenesis. In particular, they will make their growing collections of chemical probes targeting epigenetic modifiers and kinases for mechanistic studies in SCLC available. Furthermore, they will continue their analysis of chemical-based screening of SCLC cell lines to identify such vulnerabilities for instance in collaboration with B06. In a new effort to interfere with critical pathways in SCLC, they will work closely with A03 to create novel molecules to inhibit the catalytic activity of telomerase in a structure-based drug design approach exploiting novel insights from crystallography and EM studies of human telomerase. Finally, the team will continue their efforts on developing chemical degraders for targeted degradation of key proteins involved in SCLC biology including lysine methyl transferases such as G9A in collaboration with Michael Hölzel's group (C04).

Principal Investigator

Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Knapp SFB1399
Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Knapp

Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (W3) and site head SGC (Structural Genomics Consortium Frankfurt)

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Institute for Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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