Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Silvia von Karstedt

Academic education

2003 - 2008: Undergraduate Studies in Biology, University of Hamburg (Pre-Diploma) and Heidelberg (Diploma)

Scientific degrees

03/2013: Ph.D. in Biology, Imperial College London, UK; “DISC-dependent versus DISC-independent aspects of TRAIL biology” (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Henning Walczak)
09/2008: Diploma in Biology, University of Heidelberg

Scientific career

2021 - present: W2 Professor for “Dynamics of Cancer and Immune Systems” at the Department of Translational Genomics/CECAD, University of Cologne, Germany
2017 - 2021: Max Eder Junior Research Group Leader, Department of Translational Genomics / CECAD, University of Cologne, Germany
2016 - 2017: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK (Group of Prof. Julian Downward)
2013 - 2016: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UCL Cancer Institute, London, UK (Group of Professor Henning Walczak)

Honors/ Awards/ Memberships

2020: Editorial board of Cell Death Discovery
2020: Reviewer for Molecular Cell
2019: Member of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC)
2019: Member of the European Cell Death Organization (ECDO)
2019: Reviewer board for Cancers and Cells
2018: Board member of the Mildred-Scheel Junior Research Center Cologne
2018: Editorial advisory board of Encyclopaedia Life Science (eLS-Wiley)
2017: Reviewer board for Oncogene and Cell Death and Disease
2015: Member of the EACR
2015: F1000 prize for best short talk, 9th Tuscany Retreat on Cancer Research, Chiusi, Italy
2015: EACR Poster Prize 31st Genes and Cancer Meeting, Cambridge, UK
2014: Poster Prize UCL Cancer Institute 7th Annual Conference, UK
2014: “Prize for best contributing student or postdoc” Gordon Research Conference, Mount Snow, USA
2014: Prize for best selected short talk, 30th Genes and Cancer Meeting, Cambridge, UK
2013: Poster Prize UCL Cancer Institute 6th Annual Conference, UK
2013: Travel Award 14th International TNF-meeting, Quebec, Canada

10 most relevant publications

  • Christina M. Bebber, Emily S. Thomas, Zhiyi Chen, Jenny Stroh, Ariadne Androulidaki, Anna Schmitt, Michaela N. Höhne, Lukas Stüker, Cleidson de Pádua Alves, Armin Khonsari, Marcel A. Dammert, Fatma Parmaksiz, Filippo Beleggia, Martin L. Sos, Jan Riemer, Julie George, Susanne Brodesser, Roman K. Thomas, H. Reinhardt, C and von Karstedt, S. Ferroptosis response segregates small cell lung cancer (SCLC) neuroendocrine subtypes. Nature Communications 12, 2048 (2021).
  • Clemente LP, Rabenau M, Tang S, Stanka J, Cors E, Stroh J, Culmsee C, von Karstedt S. Dynasore Blocks Ferroptosis through Combined Modulation of Iron Uptake and Inhibition of Mitochondrial Respiration. Cells 2020, Vol. 9, Page 2259. Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute; 2020 Oct 1;9(10):2259.
  • Lim, J.K.M., Delaidelli, A., Minaker, S.W., Zhang, H.-F., Colovic, M., Yang, H., Negri, G.L., Karstedt, von, S., Lockwood, W.W., Schaffer, P., et al. (2019). Cystine/glutamate antiporter xCT (SLC7A11) facilitates oncogenic RAS transformation by preserving intracellular redox balance. PNAS. 1092, 201821323.
  • von Karstedt, S.*, Montinaro, A.*, and Walczak, H. (2017). Exploring the TRAILs less travelled: TRAIL in cancer biology and therapy. Nat. Rev. Cancer 17, 352–366.   *equal contribution
  • Hartwig, T.*, Montinaro, A.*, von Karstedt, S.*, Sevko, A., Surinova, S., Chakravarthy, A., Taraborrelli, L., Draber, P., Lafont, E., Arce Vargas, F., Bahrawy, M. A., Quezada, S. A., and Walczak, H. (2017). The TRAIL-induced cancer secretome promotes a tumor-supportive immune-microenvironment via CCR2. Mol. Cell 65, 730–742.e5.   * equal contribution
  • von Karstedt, S., Conti, A., Nobis, M., Montinaro, A., Hartwig, T., Lemke, J., Legler, K., Annewanter, F., Campbell, A.D., Taraborrelli, L., Grosse-Wilde, A., Coy, J. F., El-Bahrawy, M. A., Bergmann, F., Koschny, R., Werner, J., Ganten, T. M., Schweiger, T., Hoetzenecker, K., Kenessey, I., Hegedüs, B., Bergmann, M., Hauser, C., Egberts, J.-H., Becker, T., Röcken, C., Kalthoff, H., Trauzold, A., Anderson, K. I., Sansom, O. J., and Walczak, H. (2015). Cancer Cell-Autonomous TRAIL-R Signaling Promotes KRAS-Driven Cancer Progression, Invasion, and Metastasis. Cancer Cell 27, 561-573.
  • Lemke J., von Karstedt S., Abd El Hay M., Conti A., Arce F., Montinaro A., Papenfuss K., El-Bahrawy M. A., and Walczak, H. (2014). Selective CDK9 inhibition overcomes TRAIL resistance by concomitant suppression of cFlip and Mcl-1. Cell Death Differ. 21, 491-502.
  • Zinngrebe, J.*, Rieser, E.*, Taraborrelli, L., Peltzer, N., Ren, H., Kovács, I., Endres, C., Draber, P., Darding, M., von Karstedt, S., Lemke, J., Dome, B., Bergmann, M., Ferguson, B. J., and Walczak, H. (2016). LUBAC deficiency perturbs TLR3 signaling to cause immunodeficiency and autoinflammation. J. Exp. Med. 213, 2671-2689.
  • Tuthill, M.H., Montinaro, A., Zinngrebe, J., Prieske, K., Draber, P., Prieske, S., Newsom-Davis, T., von Karstedt, S., Graves, J., and Walczak, H. (2015). TRAIL-R2-specific antibodies and recombinant TRAIL can synergise to kill cancer cells. Oncogene 34, 2138-2144.
  • Lemke, J., von Karstedt, S., Zinngrebe, J., and Walczak, H. (2014). Getting TRAIL back on track for cancer therapy. Cell Death Differ. 21, 1350-1364.


  • Named inventors: H.Walczak, S. von Karstedt; Methods for treating cancer (publication date 08.01.2015; WO2015001345)

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat Silvia von Karstedt SFB1399
Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat Silvia von Karstedt

Professor (W2)

University of Cologne

Department of Translational Genomics
CECAD Research Center 

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