Dr. nat. med. Maria Cartolano

Academic education

2003 – 2007: DPhil studies in Life Sciences, Max Planck Institute for Plant breeding Research, Cologne, Germany.
1997 – 2002: MSc in Plant Biotechnology at the University of Naples “Federico II”.

Scientific career

2015 – present: Post-doctoral fellow at University Hospital of Cologne
2013 – 2015: Post-doctoral fellow at Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research of Cologne
2009 – 2013: Post-doctoral fellow at University of Oxford (Department of Plant Sciences)

Honors / Awards / Memberships

2009 – 2011: Post-doctoral Research Fellowship funded by the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS): “The genetic architecture of the Cardamine hirsuta diversity in leaf shape.”

10 most relevant publications

  • Rosswog C, Bartenhagen C, Welte A, Khalert Y, Hemstedt N, Witali N, Cartolano M, (12 more), Fisher M. Chromothripsis followed by circular recombination drives oncogene amplification in human cancer. Nature Genetics 53 (12): 1673-1685,2021
  • Perne C, Peters S, Cartolano M, (14 more) Aretz S. Variant profiling of colorectal adenomas from three patients of two families with MSH3-related adenomatous polyposis. PloS One16 (11), 2021
  • Cartolano M, Abedpour N, Achter V, Yang TP, Ackermann S, Fisher M, Peifer M (2020) CaMuS: simultaneous fitting and de novo imputation of cancer mutational signature. Scientific Reports10 (1): 19316,2020
  • Klein S, Quaas A, Noh KW, Cartolano M, Abedpour N, Mauch C, Quantius J, Rhenhards HC, Buettner R, Peifer M, Helbig D. Integrative Analysis of Pleomorphic Dermal Sarcomas Reveals Fibroblastic Differentiation and Susceptibility to Immunotherapy. Clinical Cancer Research 26 (21): 5638-5645,2020
  • Ackermann S*, Cartolano M, (co-first author) Hero B, (45 more), Peifer M, Fischer M. A mechanistic classification of clinical phenotypes in neuroblastoma. Science 362 (6419):1165-1170, 2018
  • Herling CD, Abedpour N, Weiss J, Schmitt A, Jachimovicz RD, Merkel O, Cartolano M, Oberbeck S, Mayer P, Berg V, Thomall D, Kutsch N, Stiefelhagen M, Peifer M. Clonal dynamics towards the development of venetoclax resistance in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Nature communications 9:727,2018
  • Cartolano M, Hüttel B, Hartwig B, Reinhardt R, Schneeberger K. cDNA Liibrary Enrichment of Full Length Transcripts for SMRT Long Read Sequencing. Plos One 11(6),2016
  • Cartolano M, Pieper B, Lempe J, Tattersal A, Huijser P, Tresch A, Darrah P, Hay A, Tsiantis M.Heterochrony underpins natural variation in C. hirsuta leaf morphology. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (33): 10539-10544, 2015
  • Cartolano M, Efremova N, Kuckenberg M, Raman S, Schwarz-Sommer, Z. Enhanced AGAMOUS expression in the centre of the Arabidopsis flower expands its outer expression boundary. Planta 230: 857-862,2009
  • Cartolano M, Castillo R, Efremova N, Kuckenberg M, Zethof J, Gerats T, Schwarz-Sommer Z and Vandenbussche, M. A conserved microRNA module exerts homeotic control over Petunia hybrida and Antirrhinum majus floral organ identity. Nature Genetics 39: 901-905, 2007

Contact Information

Dr. nat. med. Maria Cartolano SFB1399
Dr. nat. med. Maria Cartolano

Junior research group leader

University of Cologne

Department of Translational Genomics

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