Workshop - Q&A Session: Virtual Audience Discussion

24/01/2022 | News

Handling the question and answer session in a remote setting.

Getting Prepared for a Virtual Audience Discussion.

In a two-day activity-based online workshop participants will learn how to deal with “worst case scenarios”, and handling aggressive comments and difficult questions while staying polite, confident and succinct. They will practice listening, expanding thinking time and train strategies to use the discussion as an opportunity to
reiterate their key message(s).

The workshop is conducted by Impuls Plus and is aimed at PhD students and postdocs (m/w/d) of the SFB1399.

Date: May 18th and 19th, 2022
Number of participants: 12 people divided into two groups
Time: Group 1: 9am-12.30pm, Group 2: 1.30pm-5pm

Please email Graziella Bosco on gbosco[at] if you would like to register for the course. If there are more registrations than places, we will allocate the places according to various criteria.

You can find further details here.