Workshop on how to protect your research results

26/11/2021 | News

Learn the basics of CDAs and MTAs.

How to protect your research results with CDA and MTA? This Provendis workshop will introduce the importance of result protection at project start.

The seminar will take place online on January 27th from 10.00 am to 11.30 am in English.

Seminar discription
Many research results are valuable and marketable. However doing so, in a secure manner, the work must be protected from unprotected disclosure to third parties or unauthorized publication at the beginning of the research project. This is the only way to secure the research results and thus to market them at all.

The conclusion of a confidentiality agreement (CDA) is necessary so that confidential information cannot be disseminated without protection.

The exchange of research material also requires a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) in advance. Aspects such as confidentiality, ownership of the results, and rights and obligations related to use should be defined.

The workshop sensitizes scientists to the necessity of secrecy and gives an overview of how one can secure their own research results using MTAs and CDAs.

You can find further details here.