Workshop: R and Bioconductor

21/09/2023 | News Events

Introduction to R and Bioconductor

This course is introducing R and Bioconductor for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomic data. The course consists of 5 sessions of 2 hours each, and each session introduces specific components of the R computing environment and its utilities for data analysis and visualization. This also includes introduction to a subset of key packages from the tidyverse and the Bioconductor project. The course comprises a mix of interactive lectures with small exercises as well as references to additional material and independent practical exercises.

Course A: 16-17-18-19-20 of October
Course B: 23-24-25-26-27 of October

Time: 10 am-12 pm Berlin time

1. Session I (2 h): Getting to know RStudio and data classes in R
• Project management with RStudio
• R vectors and data frames
• Subsetting data
• Using R packages

2. Session II (2 h): Data analysis with the tidyverse
• Importing data with {readr}
• Data processing with {dplyr}, {tidyr}, and {stringr}

3. Session III (2 h): Visualizing data with {ggplot2}
• Types of graphics
• Enhancing your plots for publications
• Arranging multiple plots into panels

4. Session IV (2 h): Introduction to Bioconductor data classes - part 1
• Using Bioconductor packages
• Working with DNA, RNA, and protein sequences
• Working with genomic intervals

5. Session V (2 h): Introduction to Bioconductor data classes - part 2
• Quantitative data and SummarizedExperiment objects
• SingleCellExperiment, SpatialExperiment, and MultiAssayExperiment objects