Film Screening: Picture a Scientist

18/05/2021 | News

As part of the Diversity Week 2021 of the University of Cologne the Equal Opportunity Officer invites to the film screening „Picture a Scientist“

Who actually does science? And why is it still "the male scientist" in our imagination? In PICTURE A SCIENTIST, a female biologist, a chemist and a geologist take on these questions and lead the audience on a journey through the experiences of their academic careers - as women of science. In their careers, they face discrimination from the very beginning. Female scientists have to fight a constant battle for recognition, respect and equality. The documentary gives hope because it tells the story of strength and solidarity, of courageous female scientists who stand up against injustice and get a worldwide discourse of change and equality rolling. In futuristic laboratories and spectacular fieldwork settings, it makes clear the invaluable work of female researchers and how science can be moved for the better through systematic and structural upheaval - for a world where girls can realize their dream of research, for a world full of female biologists, astronauts, chemists and mathematicians.

Participation in the film screening is free of charge and only possible after successful registration until June 09, 2021. There is a limited contingent of tickets available, which will be allocated on a first come - first serve basis.

After the registration deadline, you will receive your personal link to the movie by email, which will be valid for you for 48 hours from June 17 - 18, 2021.