Family Support during Covid 19 Pandemic - Year 2020

18/06/2020 | News

The SFB1399 has developed a specific family support for PIs, PhD students and postdocs who have been affected by an acute family stress situation.

The Covid-19 pandemic and measures to contain the spread of the virus have often hit families particularly hard. PIs, PhD students and postdocs who have been affected by an acute, special family stress situation, such as closed or only partially opened schools, day-care facilities or other regular care facilities, can apply for a “Family support”.

With this support the SFB1399 aims at mitigating the Corona-induced damage in the working progress of research projects by supporting projects for up to 3 months each by paying a student assistant for a maximum of 10 h/week.



Applicant requirements

  • Project leaders of the SFB1399
  • PhD students and PostDocs associated with the SFB1399


Submission documentation

  1. Your first and last name and your position
  2. Your working group and your employer (e.g. University, University Hospital, MPI)
  3. Timeframe and extent of the desired support (starting date, no. of months, hours/week of the student assistant).
  4. Reason for your support e.g. how did the corona crisis affect the working progress of your project?
  5. How will the assistant be supervised e.g. if you are still partially absent from the lab?
  6. Short project description that will be conducted by the student assistant with a clear reference to your research project
  7. Date and your signature
  8. Date and signature of your PI


Application process

  • Submit your application by 30th June 2020 to


Selection process

The SFB gender board decides on the final suitability of the applicant on various criteria.


We look forward to your application!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.