Workshop: Leading Teams in Academia

09/11/2020 | News Events

The SFB1399 provides workshops to develop assertive and self-confident communication strategies.

Career development and skills enhancement courses with Leading Teams in Academia:

What is leadership? Which roles do different individuals play within a team? What dynamics underpin effective team communication? Which tolls can one employ to provide more effective supervision? This workshop helps participants to develop the tools to effectively answer some of these questions.

As part of our career development program, the SFB1399 is offering a new online seminar on "Leading Teams in Academia". Together with Dr. Matteo Garavoglia we developed a concept that is aimed primarily at late stage postdocs and junior PIs from our SFB1399. Find the seminar programm here. The seminar is also an ideal framework for networking within the SFB1399.

The seminar takes place on January 12th and 13th, 2021 as an online seminar (due to the current Covid-19 measures). The maximum number of participants is 12 people. The costs for the seminar are covered by the SFB1399.

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