Workshop: Adobe Illustrator Course 01

17/11/2020 | News

How to create vector-based graphics?

Illustrator Festival

Good vector-based images are essential for scientific publications.

Adobe Illustrator is the best tool for creating vector graphics.

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful vector graphics application for the production of computer graphics. Therefore perfectly suited as a tool for creating graphics for printing and on the screen. In biosciences, Adobe Illustrator is perfect when it comes to resizing life science graphics without sacrificing quality. This makes Adobe Illustrator the standard application in the field of vector graphics and also for creating posters.

In two courses, participants learn how to use Adobe Illustrator from a professional graphic designer, with tips and tricks from the field.

Course 01: Create a sience poster
In this Illustrator seminar, the participants plan and create elements for a poster.

  • Technical requirements, like resolution and color mode
  • Set up a file
  • Surface and Tools in Illustrator
  • Prepare an individual Workspace
  • Plan a Poster with Guides
  • Create Shapes
  • Handeling Strokes
  • Add Effects
  • Import images
  • Edit graphs
  • Text
  • Manage Colors
  • Clever arranging elements
  • Work with Layers
  • How to use templates
  • Save for print and presentation

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