PD Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Wunderlich

Academic education

1996 - 1999: Studies in biology, University of Cologne, Germany
1994 - 1996: Studies in biology, University of Mainz, Germany

Scientific degrees

2011: Habilitation, University of Cologne, Germany
2004: Dissertation (Ph.D Thesis defense), University of Cologne, Germany
2000: Diploma in Genetics, University of Cologne, Germany

Scientific career

2011: W2 position, Max Planck Institute for neurological Research and Klaus Joachim Zülch laboratories of the MPG and the medical faculty of the University of Cologne, Mouse Genetics and Obesity-associated Cancer, Cologne, Germany
2008 - 2011: Leibniz Junior groupleader, Mouse Genetics and Obesity-associated Cancer, University of Cologne, Germany
2005 - 2007: Postdoctoral fellow, Department Mouse Genetics and Metabolism, University of Cologne, Germany (Prof. Jens C. Brüning)
2004: Postdoctoral fellow, CBR institute, Harvard medical school, Boston, USA (Prof. Klaus Rajewsky)

10 most relevant publications

  • Nish SA, Schenten D, Wunderlich FT, Pope SD, Gao Y, Hoshi N, Yu S, Yan X, Lee HK, Pasman L, Brodsky I, Yordy B, Zhao H, Brüning J, Medzhitov R. T cell-intrinsic role of IL-6 signaling in primary and memory responses. Elife. 2014 May 19;3:e01949.
  • Mauer J, Chaurasia B, Goldau J, Vogt MC, Ruud J, Nguyen KD, Theurich S, Hausen AC, Schmitz J, Brönneke HS, Estevez E, Allen TL, Mesaros A, Partridge L, Febbraio MA, Chawla A, Wunderlich FT, Brüning JC. Signaling by IL-6 promotes alternative activation of macrophages to limit endotoxemia and obesity-associated resistance to insulin. Nat Immunol. 2014 May;15(5):423-30.
  • Gruber S, Straub BK, Ackermann PJ, Wunderlich CM, Mauer J, Seeger JM, Büning H, Heukamp L, Kashkar H, Schirmacher P, Brüning JC, Wunderlich FT. Obesity promotes liver carcinogenesis via Mcl-1 stabilization independent of IL-6Rα signaling. Cell Rep. 2013 Aug 29;4(4):669-80.
  • Wunderlich CM, Delić D, Behnke K, Meryk A, Ströhle P, Chaurasia B, Al-Quraishy S, Wunderlich F, Brüning JC, Wunderlich FT (2012). Cutting edge: Inhibition of IL-6 trans-signaling protects from malaria-induced lethality in mice. J Immunol. 2012 May 1;188(9):4141-4
  • Wendorff AA, Koch U, Wunderlich FT, Wirth S, Dubey C, Brüning JC, MacDonald HR, Radtke F. Hes1 is a critical but context-dependent mediator of canonical notch signaling in lymphocyte development and transformation. Immunity. 2010 Nov 24;33(5):671-84. the authors equally contributed to this work
  • Wunderlich FT, Ströhle P, Könner AC, Gruber S, Tovar S, Brönnecke HS, Juntti-Berggren L, Li LS, van Rooijen N, Libert C, Berggren PO, Brüning JC. Interleukin-6 signaling in liver-parenchymal cells suppresses hepatic inflammation and improves insulin sensitivity. Cell Metab. 2010 Sep 8;12(3):237-49
  • Belgardt BF, Mauer J, Wunderlich FT, Ernst MB, Pal M, Spohn G, Brönneke H, Brodesser S, Hampel B, Schauss AC, Brüning JC. JNK1 signaling in the CNS and pituitary controls somatic growth, fat and glucose metabolism. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2010 Mar 107 (13): 6028-33. the authors equally contributed to this work.
  • Ernst MB, Mesaros A, Koralov S, Münzberg H, Hampel B, Alber J, Brüning JC, Wunderlich FT. Enhanced Stat3 activation in POMC neurons provokes negative feedback inhibition of leptin and insulin signaling in obesity. J Neurosci. 2009 Sep 29 (37): 11582-93.
  • Wunderlich FT, Luedde T, Singer S, Schmidt-Supprian M, Baumgartl J, Schirmacher P, Pasparakis M, Brüning JC (2008). Hepatic NEMO-Deficiency Prevents Obesity Induced Insulin Resistance But Synergizes With High Fat Feeding in Tumorigenesis. Proc NatlAcad Sci USA. 2008 Jan105 (4): 1297-1302
  • Hövelmeyer N, Wunderlich FT, Massoumi R, Jakobsen CG, Song J, Wörns MA, Merkwirth C, Kovalenko A, Aumailley M, Strand D, Brüning JC, Galle PR, Wallach D, Fässler R, Waisman A. Regulation of B cell homeostasis and activation by the tumor suppressor geneCyld.J Exp Med. 2007 Oct 29;204(11):2615-27. the authors equally contributed to this work

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PD Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Wunderlich SFB1399
PD Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Wunderlich

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Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research

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