Periodic SFB project presentations

04/11/2020 | Events

Within the frame of the weekly floor-meeting.

Throughout the year the floor-meeting framework has succesfully connected participants and allies of the SFB 1399 by giving regular overviews of projects as well as providing a solid discussion plattform.

DateSFB Projects Talks 2021
26.04.21Roman Thomas (SFB - B01)
15.03.21Anna Schöllhorn (SFB - C03)
01.03.21Milos Nikolic (SFB - B02)
08.02.21Krutika Khinvasara und Maik Schork (SFB - C05)
18.01.21Michaela Höhne (SFB - B05)
11.01.21Ariadne Androulaki (SFB - A05)
DateSFB Projects Talks 2020
27.01.20Filippo Beleggia (SFB - A01)
12.10.20Maren Schuhmacher (SFB - B03) /
Benedict-Tilman Berger (SFB - B04)
02.11.20Lisa Werr (SFB - A03)
16.11.20Olta Ibruli (AG Herter-Sprie C02)
23.11.20Martin Sos (SFB - A02)
14.12.20Lioba Körner (SFB A04)